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Hungry Joe

A young mother struggles to hold on to her sanity as she's forced to turn to extreme measures to satisfy her son's increasingly inhuman appetite.

Hungry Joe tells the story of a new mother who watches in horror as her only son grows
from a quiet, apathetic child into a gluttonous monster.
Born with an insatiable appetite that grows more extreme as he hits puberty, the child has a pathological need to consume an inhuman amount of food but, remarkably, never gains weight.
As a struggling single mother, the cost of his care soon brings her to crisis point. She’s
crushed by her own disgust and lack of maternal love towards the boy – with his dead-eyed
demeanour and the ever -present foul odour that follows him everywhere – impervious to cleanliness.
She’s greeted with scepticism by doctors – who tell her that he’s a perfectly healthy
growing boy - and regarded with cold suspicion by social workers who scald her for his apparent malnourishment and poor hygiene.
As he reaches manhood and is free to roam the streets alone, he turns to ever more
depraved means of satisfying his growing gluttony. Rubbish, refuse and even small
animals are all fair game as he becomes increasingly detached from society – a reclusive neighbourhood bogeyman that strikes terror into the hearts of the local
The horrific story climaxes with an act of pure barbarism as his mother is forced to make
an inhumane choice between the life of her cannibalistic boy and the last shreds of her
own dwindling sanity