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Tibet - Cry of the Snow Lion

A film about the state of Chinese occupied Tibet and its history of oppression and resistance.

Winner of the audience award at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion is a 2002 documentary film about the Chinese occupation of Tibet directed by Tom Peosay. It is narrated by Martin Sheen and Tibetan voiceovers are provided by Edward Edwards, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Shirley Winters.

Shortly after graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, filmmaker Tom Peosay and his wife Sue (an Asian Studies major) set out on a tour of Asia that culminated in an extended stay in the Chinese-occupied nation of Tibet. With that formative visit, the Peosays became actively interested in the small Himalayan nation's tempestuous history and, over the course of the next decade, made a number of return visits to document Tibet's story, as well as interview a number of its residents and higher-profile participants of the "Free Tibet" movement. Their completed documentary, entitled Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion, encompasses a brief history of China's invasion and subsequent five decades of rule, as well as the various uprisings that have occurred over the years -- with particular emphasis on the 1987 riots.

‘Harrowing and illuminating.’ Los Angeles Times

‘Makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of a people that the world must never be allowed to forget, no matter how much their oppressors would prefer us to do just that.’ Toronto Star

‘A passionate work of advocacy documentary.’ Globe and Mail


Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2003, winner of the audience award

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