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Going West

An unemployed music teacher takes his estranged transgender father on a road trip to the west coast of Norway, in order to honour his late mother's excellent quilting skills.

Rett vest (2017) is a Norwegian comedy written and directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken. The film premiered on 30 September 2017 during the CPH:PIX film festival in Copenhagen and received honourable mention from the jury during the Nordic Film Days at Lübeck Film Festival.

‘Going West is traditional in its structure, yet atypical in its unsentimental portrayal of the main characters. Sørensen gives an outstanding performance as Georg, never allowing his character to become a parody of a cross-dressing middle-aged man by delicately navigating the tricky territory between deadpan humour and pathos. Out-of-the-ordinary situations are treated with casual playfulness, while everyday little tragedies are given an endearing attention. The result is a captivating family road movie, in which the protagonists’ objective ceases to matter – it’s who they share their journey with that does’ CineEurope


Amanda Awards, Norway 2018 Winner of the Amanda

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